Green Scheme hinges on Installers buy in

Trades people in the construction and fenestration industries have been encouraged to sign up today to support the Conservatives new Green Homes Grant scheme. 

The new scheme will see the government fund up to two-thirds of the cost of home improvements for over 600K homes. It will also support over 100K new jobs in green construction. document released today by the government suggests that consumers hoping to take advantage of the Green Scheme could stand to save up to £600 on their energy bills.  Residential Houses UK government green scheme

Trades people key to scheme success 

However, the success of the green scheme may depend on how many trades people sign up to take part. Trades people must have a TrustMark or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation to be involved in the scheme. 

Currently, only 35 companies have registered to be installers of ‘replacement glazing’ and 26 companies have registered to be installers of ‘secondary glazing’ 

Insight Data’s marketing tool, Salestracker currently holds 9,523 companies installing PVC frames across the UK.  

Therefore, as of the 4th August 2020, only 0.64% of windows and doors installers have signed up to the scheme so far. 

According to the Glass & Glazing Federation “Only installers who are accredited to PAS2030 will be allowed to carry out work under the scheme. It is estimated that of the 15,000 window and door installers in the UK, less than 5% (under 500) are PAS2030 registered.”  

This is further evidence that if the trade industry is hesitant in backing the scheme, it may be doomed to fail.  

Green scheme not as good as it seems? 

Even if trade people back the scheme, it may eventually prove to be a ‘dead duck’ of an idea.  

600,000 properties are estimated to be eligible across England for the scheme. As of March 2019, England is estimated to have 24.4M dwellings.  

This means that only 2.4% of UK housing stock can use the Green Homes Grant scheme.  

Although the scheme has been billed as a way for low-income families to save on their energy bills it remains to be seen how many will benefit if less than 3% of UK homes are eligible 

Insight Data 

At Insight Data we have several databases of businesses that work in the Fenestration and Construction industry. We can use this data to give context to things that happen in both the trade and commercial sectors of construction.  

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