Npower app attack a stark reminder on how important it is to keep personal information safe.

Npower, a well-known energy supplier, has been forced into shutting down its mobile app after a data breach exposed customer personal and financial information. The firm has yet to reveal how many accounts have been hacked but have confirmed that those affected have been locked.

The Information Commissioner’s Office confirmed that they have been informed of the hack.

Insight Data’s Operations Director comments, “Data breaches are still one of the biggest risks to any company across any industry who hold personal information. While the past year has thrown up multiple business challenges, this Npower story is an abrupt reminder that companies have a legal obligation to handle any personal information in a safe and secure way”.

Insight Data are market leaders in the UK fenestration and Construction sector, supplying prospect data across the industry. Taking a ‘privacy by design’ approach, users of Insight Data’s Salestracker CRM platform are in safe hands when it comes to storing personal information safely.

Jade Greenhow comments “At Insight Data, we work alongside businesses across the supply chain to provide a cost-effective and compliant solution which allows them to stay the right side of GDPR. Prior to GDPR implementation back in May 2018, Insight Data always took appropriate safeguards to ensure that any personal data collected was kept secure.

Users can access the data in the CRM via a browser using now-standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the infrastructure has restricted access, with sensitive data encrypted and regular backups ensuring that data recovery is absolute. The servers that hold data are maintained and patched regularly against threats. Insight Data does everything it can to ensure security and business continuity”.

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