The Return of Direct Mail

Insight Data, the leading supplier of prospect marketing data designed exclusively for the construction and fenestration industry, has a dedicated direct mail fulfilment centre in-house with capacity for over one million mailshots per year.

Why should you be using Insight’s bespoke direct mail service?

Direct mail was predicted by many to become ineffective and outdated in the modern era with the likes of smart phones and the internet allowing for information insight-direct-mailto be obtained and accessed quickly and easily.

This would surely signal the end for direct mail as emails and important information can be sent and instantly accessed by anyone directly on their mobile device or laptop, skipping the process of having to wait for it to be transferred from the post-box to the post office to the receiver’s address; a process that can take a considerable amount of time, at which point the information may no longer be relevant.

The uptake in email usage has actually had the opposite effect: with companies constantly resorting to email to contact leads. Direct mail has become a more personal way of specifically targeting prospects with information delivered directly to their address, grasping their attention and making them take notice.

A personalised sales letter can increase direct mail response by 20%. Insight can mail-merge, personalise and laser-print your letters for you, folding and inserting them along with your literature quickly and cost-effectively.

Troy Hannam, Marketing Manager, commented: “Direct mail is a very effective way of marketing with it’s personal touch and ability to target exactly who you want. With the databases we provide you can target specific niche areas and get the results you require.”

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