Building better customer relationships with technology

Building better customer relationships with technology representing Insight Data

When it comes to customers it’s all about the personal touch. We all like to feel valued. Demonstrating that you appreciate your customers is a sure-fire way to develop relationships that will benefit your business. This is now fact in all industries – whether it’s B2C or B2B  

Why is it important to show your customers that you care about them? It’s simple. Customer relations play a key role in the success or failure of a business. Strong relationships build brand loyalty and encourage repeat business, while poor customer service can push potential buyers to your competitors. If you want to get better, high quality leads for your business use technology to nurture strong business relationships. 

Technological innovations have made it much easier for businesses to interact with customersThis is particularly relevant for smaller businesses that may not have big marketing and advertising budgets to burn through.  

Here are 4 ways to use tech to build better customer relationships.

Keep Customers close with effective email campaigns 

Build better customer relationships with emails. Why? Email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses. Email campaigns allow a business to keep in touch with their customersThink about how you maintain close relationships with friends and family. The strength of those relationships comes from close communication. If you never talk to them, you may drift apart. It’s the same with your customers.  

Email campaigns, e-shots and even text messages allow you to maintain and nurture better business to customer relationships.   

Get your email strategy right and your customers will feel valued by your brand. Use your emails to communicate new deals, broadcast breaking news, answer FAQs and much more.  

Answer questions and get valuable feedback with social media 

The fact that most of your customers will have social media accounts should not be ignored. Why? A Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other SM platforms allows consumers to reach a company at a time that’s convenient for them, not just during business hours. Messaging your company on twitter or through Facebook is normally the way consumers interact with brands – whether they are reviewing a customer experience with you or asking a question.  

Engage in that twoway conversation with timely responses that help the customer. Providing value is a great way to build trust. This, in-turn will start to cement your relationship with them.  

These free to use platforms allow businesses with limited budgets to reach further and at a deeper level into better customer relations without major investment. 

Deliver personal experiences using customer data 

In a crisis, companies normally cut costs. How do they do that? Remove human workers and replace them with automation. A huge problem with self-service checkouts and automated phone lines is that they treat customers like numbers. They’re also notorious for being unreliable too – not great for building trust. 

Nobody wants to feel like a statistic. Although automation is designed to simplify processes, the connection between customers and brand can suffer. 

However, that doesn’t mean that technology is the enemy of great customer experiences. Technology can be harnessed to support customer relations rather than get in the way. If you want to really get to know your customers use their behavioural data to personalise your brand experience for them. What do they want? What do they need? How can your product or service help them to be successful 

All of those insights and much more can be learnt from studying behavioural data that can be found on a variety of analytics websites. Using this data, companies can be better equipped to deliver products and services that consumers want and market them more effectively. 

Customer Relationship Management 

Customer relationship management software programs enable businesses to keep a record of valuable customer details. This information can range from basic contact details to more sophisticated marketing campaign information.  

The best CRM systems overlay marketing information on to segmented lists of customers so that companies can keep track of where a customer is in their purchasing journey with the brand 

Some CRM’s can also send smart reminders when it’s time to contact your customers. Very helpful! 

Building better customer relationships with Insight Data

We are experts at helping businesses to nurture long lasting and fruitful relationships with their customers. We offer digital data solutions that improve customer connections and add value to our client’s businesses. If you want to build better customer relationships we can help you. We’d love to talk to you now! 

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