Data: At the heart of everything we do

As the industry’s leading provider of marketing and sales intelligence and tools, data is at the heart of everything we do and that includes gaining regular feedback from our customers. Understanding how our services, products and solutions impact our customers, is important in ensuring we can continue to offer the right data, the right tools and the best results.


Intelligence Driven Marketing and Sales

According to our customers the main reason for using Insight Data is to gain customer and industry intelligence (36%) giving them the competitive edge and knowledge to target prospects in a better way.

When only 5 words will do

When asked to describe Insight Data in five words customers predominantly used words such as

Accurate, Informative, Powerful, Experts and Industry Leaders”.

A step above the rest

Understanding what makes us stand out from other providers of sales and marketing data tools is beneficial for both us and our customers, by highlighting our strengths and areas for improvement.

How can you start benefitting from Insight Data

Trusted by over 750 Salestracker users and 100s of customers, across a range of products and services, Insight Data is the industry leading provider of sales and marketing data intelligence. Our data solutions not only offer the ability to discover and connect with the best prospects for your products but we also provide the only dedicated Email Service for the industry as well as our innovative sales and marketing, live data, platform. Crucially, all of the products and services we offer provides vital business, sector and customer intelligence.

If you want to discuss with us any requirements you may have please get in touch with our experienced sales team that will be more than happy to help.