Explore new opportunities with new Builders Merchants database

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Operations Director, Jade Greenhow recently spoke to Clearview Magazine about Insight Data’s brand-new Builders Merchants database, and the valuable opportunities it offers to businesses across the industry.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that many businesses across the industry are seeing the current state of the market and are actively looking for fresh opportunities to win new business.

The first port of call might be to introduce new product lines or maybe expand their reach into new regions. For some, it could even be to devise a high-impact direct mail or email marketing campaign. However, many businesses seem to overlook the wealth of valuable opportunities offered by working with Builders Merchants – until now.

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A market worth £billions

The Builders Merchants market has grown consistently for almost a decade, fuelled by a new breed of tradespeople. Made up of local builders and a growing number of ‘Builder Installers’ – almost 16,000 as revealed in our latest industry report, these tradespeople rely almost entirely on merchants for their building products, tools and consumables and heavy-side goods (bricks, cement and concrete etc.).

The market has also benefitted from the growth in housebuilding with greater funding put in place to help small and medium sized builders in particular, focus on housebuilding. This has generated sizeable demand for both glazing products and building products.

This increase in demand has seen buying groups emerge and expand through both acquisition and merger. These now multi-national networks compete directly with a large number of revitalised independents – who have also scaled-up in recent years in-line with rising demand.

In short, all these factors have combined to create a market that is absolutely thriving, which spans the length and breadth of the country and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s a market that’s worth well in excess of £5 billion and presents real opportunities for businesses across the industry to scale-up.

Over 6,000 Builders Merchants

Our specialist team have been hard at work developing our very own Builders Merchants database, allowing businesses to communicate with both the large national networks and the more regional, independent merchants.

In fact, the new database unlocks over 6,000 Builders Merchants, over 7,000 contacts – including key decision makers and over 8,000 verified and updated email addresses. Along with both national and regional, the data can be segmented further into both ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ merchants, with categories for each building sector. There is a full range of expertise and sector specialism from those with trade counters to ones with full yards specialising in heavy-side goods and building products.

Available through Salestracker

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It’s accessible 24/7, across PC and mobile devices through Salestracker; our online prospect database, CRM system and email marketing platform. Trusted by over 700 users including some of the industry’s biggest players, Salestracker is powered by our unrivalled real-time data, which ensures you are always using the most accurate data and that your campaigns achieve the best possible results.

The response so far from customers and businesses has been incredibly positive and we expect that to continue as more businesses explore this valuable opportunity. With all the information at their disposal and the possibility of working with over 6,000 merchants, there is no excuse for businesses not to start targeting the Builders Merchants market.

For more information contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or via email at hello@insightdata.co.uk