“It’s time for fabricators to wise up,” warns Insight Data

Jade Greenhow, Operations Director at industry data specialists Insight Data urges fabricators to wake up to the new, disruptive forces that are taking over the market and quickly changing the way the industry does business.

In her speech to business owners and senior leaders at the Glazing Summit, Jade Greenhow spoke at length on the dramatic rise in ‘builder installers’, a new category of home improvement provider. Referencing the latest Insight Report into the glazing industry, Jade revealed there are now almost 16,000 builder installers active in the market offering windows, doors and conservatories at a local level.

Not only does that figure show no signs of slowing down, it eclipses the number of traditional double-glazing firms buying in from fabricators – by nearly double. So, not only do fabricators have to contend with a rapidly-changing customer base, but the routes to market for fabricators have also changed massively too.

Jade also revealed in her speech that in the space of just six years, trade counters have grown by a whopping 150% and counting, helping to fuel this builder installer revolution. A spate of mergers and acquisitions have created several significant trade counter networks and has taken the overall figure to almost 900 nationwide.

“The meteoric growth of trade counters has allowed local builders to expand their revenue streams by exploring a wider portfolio of products including windows, doors and conservatory packages,”

Jade explains.

“Not only does this mean that local builders can actively compete with established installers and double-glazing firms, it means fabricators need to attract and communicate with a very different kind of customer base”

“Through our market intelligence for the glazing industry we have been watching this trend very closely and have developed a Local Builders database. This combines real-time business information and contact details for over 26,000 general builders, contractors and small building firms and creates the most comprehensive data resource of its kind.”

The resource, along with Insight Data’s four other key databases is accessed through Salestracker, the firm’s ground-breaking online prospect database, CRM system and email marketing platform. Salestracker provides fabricators, syscos, component manufacturers and suppliers with up-to-date information including suppliers, output and credit ratings for over 60,000 potential customers. This includes local builders, housebuilders, main contractors, architects and businesses within the glazing and building products industries.

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