Mobile Saved Lists

Salestracker Mobile features a lot of functionality around lists. We recommend you read and digest the documentation around lists on the regular desktop version of Salestracker, as it will assist your understanding of lists in general.

Note: when you first log into Salestracker Mobile, your saved lists may be unavailable for up to ten minutes – the system takes some time to process your existing lists for optimisation on mobile. Equally, any new lists created on the desktop version of Salestracker may take up to ten minutes to appear on your mobile while the system processes them for viewing.

Saved lists can be accessed by tapping the “Saved Lists” item in the menu or by tapping the “Lists” button on the dashboard.

Mobile Lists 01Mobile Lists 02

The saved lists are organised by folder.

Mobile Lists 03

Tap on a folder to view the lists inside it.

Mobile Lists 04

To return to the folders panel, tap “Back to Folders“. To view the contents of a list, tap on the list you want to open.

Mobile Lists 05

You can return the the saved lists by tapping on “Return to Saved Lists“. To view a map of the records on the list which are in your area, tap “Map View” (to find out more about maps, please read this dedicated article). To view any of the records, tap on the record you would like to look at.

While looking at records inside a list, you can go between the records by using the navigation buttons at the top.

Mobile Lists 06

These buttons are, in order, “First Record“, “Previous Record“, “Next Record” and “Last Record“.

Moving Lists Between Folders

Most lists, when viewed, will feature a “Move List” button (some lists, like the “My Data” list, are fixed to certain folders).

Mobile Lists 07

Tapping this will open a popup menu. Select the folder you want to move the list to from the drop-down menu and then tap “Save” to move it. Alternatively, the “X” in the top right or tap “Cancel” to keep the list where it is.

Mobile Lists 08

Creating New Folders

On the main Saved Lists page there is a button labelled “Add a new folder“. Tap this to show a pop-up menu.

Mobile Lists 09

On the pop-up, enter the name of your new folder and click “Save” to store it. To cancel the creation of a new folder, tap the “X” in the top right of the popup.

Mobile Lists 10

Creating and Editing Lists

Due to the complicated nature of how lists are built and stored, this functionality is not available on mobile. Please build and edit lists using the desktop version of Salestracker, and these lists will appear shortly after creation on your mobile login.