New team members alert: Insight Data commit to big investment

picture of new team members at Insight Data

During these challenging times Insight Data are fully committed to helping our clients to be more successful. That’s why we have decided to heavily invest in our team – again 

Ware constantly hiring new talent to enhance our products and services. In a time when most businesses are having to cut back, we are choosing to bring in new talent 

This Autumn we have brought in 5 new team members! All of our new team members will improve the products and services that we offer. 

Meet them below:  

Sandy Lee 

picture of Sandy Lee at Insight Data

For the past 10 years Sandy has worked for media agencies including Mediacom, Starcom and Maxus. He is an accomplished data scientist and search engine optimisation expert. 

With an interest in machine learning and AI, Sandy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Insight Data and the Ascot group.  

Manal Boutchicha 

picture of Manal Boutchicha at Insight Data

A recent graduate of the University of Gloucester studying marketing, advertising and branding, Manal is an Email Marketing specialist. Having worked at Future Publishing as a B2C email marketer she is looking forward to applying her skills to the B2B construction and fenestration industries with Insight Data. 

James McShane 

picture of James McShane at Insight Data

James recently completed his studies at Weston college with a BTEC extended Diploma in Information Technologies. Since then he has worked in software development for several local  South West agencies. James joins Insight Data as a junior software developer.  

Scarlett Blair  

picture of Scarlett Blair at Insight Data

Scarlett has spent most of her working life in the clinical and addiction sectors. She joins Insight Data as a tele-researcher.  

Ellie Pennington  

picture of Ellie Pennington at Insight Data

Having worked in retail and hospitality, Ellie joins the Insight Data team as tele-researcher. She recently studied art and design at Weston college. 

“We’re excited to welcome Sandy, Manal, James, Scarlett and Ellie to the Insight Data team. As we look to introduce more businesses to Insight Data’s innovative sales and marketing solutions, they will all further strengthen an already talented and passionate team of professionals. Investing in new talent is just one of many ways we ensure that we always offer the tools and support customers need to grow their businesses.” Jade Greenhow, Insight Data, Operations Director.   

Sales and Marketing Solutions at Insight Data  

At Insight Data, we offer several powerful sales and marketing solutions that help businesses to better target new customers. We have a track record for successfully helping our clients to reach further with their marketing. We can help you pinpoint the perfect prospects for your business.  

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