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With predictions that the market is heading for a decline, businesses trading in the glass and glazing industry will be on the hunt for new prospects.

Prospecting is an integral part of how any business operates. It’s the first step in the sales process that identifies potential new customers, resulting in a big boost in leads and therefore sales.

A variety of prospecting methods are used to source new clients or engage with existing leads. But unfortunately, most companies use outdated and ineffective practices which means they miss out on the most valuable opportunities.

As Alex Tremlett, Operations Manager at Insight Data, explains: “Our experience in the industry shows lots of companies actually waste time, money and resources prospecting in the wrong way.

“Typically, companies will prospect blind. They’ll spend time visiting showrooms, with their samples in hand, asking for meetings with the managing director off the cuff – hoping for the best. But, without knowing much about the business before knocking on the door, it can be incredibly challenging to make a sale and will often result in wasted time and effort.

“Companies who sell into the glass and glazing industries need a more effective way to discover and connect with a range of customers that need the products and services they’re offering.”

Reliable and relevant data is key to successfully organising prospects

Prospecting can be a challenge but when done in the right way it will generate a higher volume of valuable business. Companies, that utilise the right sales and marketing techniques, will find that initial leads successfully convert into new customers.

“One of the biggest difficulties we’ve seen businesses face is keeping their existing prospect lists up to date,” said Alex.

“Without a reliable source to help build and create the list, it’s hard for any company to know if the information they’re collecting is accurate. Plus, business details change a lot so without anyone regularly checking the data saved on file, companies will once again find themselves wasting time chasing dead-end leads.”

With Insight Data, prospecting becomes much simpler. Organisations can pinpoint their ideal business customer, faster and more efficiently using an innovative technology platform, as Alex explains.

“At Insight Data, we excel at equipping our clients with dynamic data solutions to help them target the most relevant prospects.

“To do this we have designed and developed Salestracker, a fully integrated sales and marketing platform designed exclusively for the building and fenestration industry.

“Salestracker helps users to target their perfect customers for their products and services. The system provides in-depth market intelligence in real-time, enabling customers to successfully stay ahead of their competitors.

“What’s more, with a built-in CRM, Salestracker also includes credit profiling, email marketing, Google map integration, and document storage.”

To make prospecting a lot simpler for their customers, the dedicated Insight Data team works tirelessly to keep each Salestracker database up to date.

“We’re passionate about providing our clients with the most relevant business data to help grow their company and boost leads so our in-house research team makes 20,000 calls a month to enhance the data so it’s accurate and reliable,” adds Alex.

Training in data and sales software

Organise prospects and win more business Insight

“In today’s climate, it’s important not to waste effort marketing to companies who are no longer relevant, have moved, ceased trading, or addressed to the wrong decision-makers,” adds Alex.

“That’s why it’s so important businesses, that need new customers to survive, should explore alternative ways to make this whole process a lot simpler.

“If you supply into the construction or fenestration industry you know how important it is to have clear, concise information about the market, the companies, and the decision-makers that you want to target. This is exactly what Salestracker does.

“More people than ever before are using Salestracker to pinpoint their perfect customers. With the uncertainty of the market, now is the time to find out more about this incredibly powerful and effective tool.”

Salestracker has over 700 users, including major systems companies, fabricators, and component suppliers, all of which can use the data to create highly targeted marketing campaigns to prospective customers, helping to build a more successful, profitable, and valuable business.

If you want to gain access to exclusive marketing data and want consistent business growth, contact Insight Data today.

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