Survive the Summer with Salestracker


Your business can not only survive, but thrive this summer thanks to Insight Data’s exclusive online sales and marketing platform, Salestracker 

The fenestration industry is cyclical and tends to follow the holiday seasons, so it’s common to see retail sales fall throughout the summer months. With travel having recovered from the negative effects of the pandemic, the industry is expected to feel the strain even more this year. 

In fact, recent research found the average British holidaymaker is set to spend almost £700 more on going abroad this summer. Whilst the pandemic afforded homeowners the opportunity to focus on home improvements, it’s clear that many are now making up for lost time and opting to spend their money elsewhere. 

For the fenestration industry, Insight Data predict the seasonal lull in sales to feel even more burdensome this summer. This, in tandem with the ongoing cost of living crisis, has created a sense of uncertainty for those with glass and glazing businesses.  

This is further emphasised throughout Insight Data’s 2023 Fenestration Market Overview. The market overview found the number of fenestration companies has decreased by 10% since 2017, as well as the number of PVC fabricators and installers. As a result, a sense of urgency amongst businesses trading in the glass and glazing industry is felt, and people are now on the hunt for new prospects more than ever before.  

Prospecting exists as the cornerstone for successful businesses. It’s the first step in the sales process that identifies potential new customers – allowing for a big boost in leads and subsequent sales. However, many are misinformed and unaware how to secure these leads successfully. 

Whilst a range of prospecting methods are used to source new clients and engage with existing leads, the industry contends with outdated and ineffective practices. Kirsty Winter explains: “Our experience in the industry shows many businesses waste time, money and resources prospecting in the wrong way. 

“As we head into the slower summer months, it’s crucial for businesses to prospect with purpose and intention to achieve optimal success. 

“Insight Data’s market overview made clear to us that those who sell into the glass and glazing industries need an improved way to discover and connect with a range of customers.” 

Insight Data responds to these prospecting pitfalls through use of Salestracker, their innovative technology platform, as Kirsty explains. 

“Thanks to Salestracker, we excel at supporting our clients with dynamic data solutions to help them target relevant prospects, generate leads, and win new business. 

“The fully integrated sales and marketing platform helps its users pinpoint perfect customers as well as provide in-depth market intelligence in real-time. Because of this, businesses are readily equipped to stay ahead of their competitors and locate customers successfully, despite the sluggish summer months.  

“Salestracker is informed by the dedicated team at Insight Data who work to update the system with the most relevant fenestration industry data to help grow businesses and boost leads. With over 800 active users, the in-house research team makes 20,000 calls a month to ensure the platform reports accurate and reliable data, whilst also providing its users with Google map integration, document storage, credit profiling and an optional CRM (Customer relationship Management) tool to manage leads and customer accounts. Because of this, the platform is perfect for those who have teams of field or internal sales professionals.  

With the uncertainty of the market, now is the time to find out more about this incredibly powerful and effective tool.” 

Salestracker can protect your business against the consequences of the summer slump by informing and supporting your targeted marketing campaigns to prospective customers. Make 2023 your year to build a more successful, profitable, and valuable business with Insight Data’s help. 

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