Activity (Notes)

Every record on Salestracker has a tab labelled “Activity”. If you click on this, it will reveal a table of general notes.

Activity 01

This tab contains miscellaneous notes about the activity between your company and the company in the record. You can add notes to this tab manually and Salestracker will prompt a user to create a new note whenever they complete or delete a task. The table shows notes made by any user on your subscription on this record.

If you tick either the leads or the tasks/alerts tickboxes, the table will display any existing leads and/or tasks on the record as well as the notes.

Activity 02

You can use the drop-downs to filter the activities, too.

Adding a New Note

Adding a note to the activity table is a simple process. First, click the “Add a new note” button.

Activity 03

A pop-up window will appear. Just add the details of the note into the box under “Description” and set what type of note this is (“general note” or “email sent”). Then click the “Create” button to save the note.

Activity 04

Adding a Note to Multiple Records

If you want to add the same note to multiple records in a list, please refer to the “Global note” section of this article.