Coronavirus challenges for construction industry

picture of covid cell representing challenges for construction industry businesses

Does it feel like your business is facing an uphill struggle to survive?  

As the UK heads into another recession times have never been tougher for many businesses across the UK. The construction sector is no exception. Fears that a re-emergence of the coronavirus pandemic will torpedo the construction industry are very real indeed.  

Many infrastructure service providers are facing some significant challenges in the future.   

Getting more leads: challenges for construction industry   

If you are hoping to target new sales prospects to boost business during this difficult time you might be tempted to fall back on tried and tested sales techniques.  

Many businesses usually use a team of office-based sales and research specialists to contact prospects. Some may be lucky enough to have a marketing manager who co-ordinates all outbound marketing.  

However, this approach requires resources that may not be so readily available during local or national lockdown.  

Challenges may include:  

  • Having to keep your telesales and research team on furlough until the end of October 
  • Needing to make team members redundant due to financial pressures  
  • Not having access to office-based CRM software 

If you are facing those problems, we have a solution for you.  

Your team 

If you need to downsize your team you might be worried that your marketing productivity might decrease. Less people in your sales team can mean less prospects reached. 

You need a way to fully maximise the efficiency of the team members you have. Time and personal resource are precious when it comes to getting the most you can from what you possess. 

A digital tool that helps you to zero in on the perfect prospects for your products/services will cut out the time it takes to research and identify safe, relevant and hot prospects. Instead, re-route your team members to connecting with those prospects to supercharge your leads volumes. 

Remote solutions 

Working from home may have become the new normal for many people. However, remote working poses several challenges for sales teams. Problems start to arise when operations-critical CRM database software is only installed on office computers. This means that any team members working from home won’t be able to see or use important prospect information.  

You need an easy to use tool that enables and equips your workforce to work from home without effecting their performance.  

A cloud-based, CRM email campaign creation tool provides solutions for remote workingAll-in-one digital tools that can be used at home will allow your team to access important information and easily contact target prospects.  

Salestracker: a lead generation tool 

It will take months of fall out to see the real impact coronavirus has had on the construction sector. However, if you are already facing some, or all, of the challenges highlighted in this article Insight Data can help.  

Our innovative data marketing and lead generation tool, Salestracker, enables sales teams to work remotely from a cloud-based CRM platform. Powerful functionality empowers users to find the best prospects for their services or products through a range of detailed filters.  

Prospect information can be sorted into multiple lists that live in the CRM platform. This means that your team members can access that information anywhere, at any time. 

Salestracker also offers the ability to use stored prospect lists to send attractive and effective segmented email campaigns.  

At Insight Data, we’re confident that Salestracker can help you overcome difficult business challenges posed by coronavirus and a recession. We’d love to show you how it works. 

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