Event Calendar

Please note this article only applies if you are subscribed to Salestracker’s CRM functionality, as the process described in this article cannot be followed if you are subscribed to the data-only version of Salestracker.

Salestracker features a basic calendar to tracks tasks, campaigns and generic events. To find the calendar, hover your mouse cursor over “Track Activity” on the main navigation, and then click on “Calendar“.

Reports 08

The calendar highlights tasks in light blue and campaigns in green.

Adding Events

You can add “events” to the calendar, markers not associated with any particular activity or record. Simply click on a day to add an event. If you want to create an event over multiple days, click and drag across the days you want and it will prompt to create the event over that period.

Calendar 02

Calendar 03

Sync Calendar to Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, etc.

You can sync the Salestracker calendar to appear within the application calendar of your choice – Salestracker uses the webcal format, which syncs with most calendars.

In order to sync the calendar, click the link under the calendar to “Subscribe to calendar”.

Calendar 04

Once clicked, you should be prompted to sync the calendar with your application of choice, depending on what you have installed.

Calendar 05

Please refer to your preferred application’s documentation for more information.

Manager View

This section only applies if you have management permissions on Salestracker.

By default users can only view calendars with information relevant to them. Managers get an extra filter to filter on calendars for specific users.