Are conservatory roof fabricators missing a trick?

There has been a 29.5% decrease in conservatory roof fabricators over the past 6 years, but does that tell the real story?

It has been no secret in recent years that the fabrication market for conservatory roofs has been on the decline. A substantial figure at a glance, but is there more too it?

Insight Data, the leaders in market intelligence and prospect data within the Fenestration Industry conducted an opinion survey with the demography being Conservatory Roof Fabricators and Installers.

42% of conservatory roof installers agreed that the market has increased. Fabricators disagreed however, having decided that the market had decreased rather than increased in the majority with 34% agreeing it had decreased.

Jade Greenhow, Operations Director at Insight Data comments

“I am surprised to see how the two target audiences disagreed on this opening question. Fabricators have taken a very tough hit recently and perhaps market confidence for them has been focussed on survival rather than taking the initiative. Installers are the people who deal directly with the end user in most cases. They know what is popular and what is not. It could be argued that the conservatory market still has a lot of potential if fabricators drive their products forward”

Typical problems of a conservatory roof involve the room being too hot in the summer and cold in the winter. However, developments in products such as anti-glare glass and self-cleaning glass are making huge inroads in product developments.

Jade Greenhow comments

“The housing market is labelled in a crisis, no matter where you look currently. According to HMRC, in June 2019, UK property transactions were 16.5% lower than a year ago. People are seeing the benefits of home improving rather than ‘upgrading’ to a new property especially with the price of homes currently. Fabricators need to be brave and look to penetrate this very lucrative market”


Insight Data holds 6,276 installers of conservatory roofs nationally (CRS, PVCu/Ali, Buy-in, Exclude Fab, Install) which is readily available to target with key decision makers and high-quality market intelligence through our online portal Salestracker.

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