Industry opinion; The future of the conservatory roof market?

Based on the amount of companies within Insight Data’s UK Fenestration database, which includes window/door fabricators, installers, trade counters, conservatory roof fabricators and IGU manufactures, there is a noticeable decline with the total figure hovering around the 14,200 mark when in the last 2 years it was around 15,000. That suggests a decline in the sector, but how do the conservatory roof installers and fabricators see the next 3 years performing?

The second part of Insight Data’s investigation into the conservatory roof market looks into the confidence of the sector.

Positively both fabricators and installers see the conservatory roof marketing increasing its performance over the next 3 years. 56% of installers said increasing, while a slightly smaller majority of fabricators with 46% agreed. 18% of fabricators thought the market would decline and 11% of installers agreed.

Jade Greenhow, Insight Data Operations Director comments

“It’s great too see the sector, in the majority, can see the conservatory roof market either staying as it is and performing well or increasing in the next 3 years. The sector has evolved in recent times. We at Insight Data have noticed the popularity of roof lanterns being added more and more into companies’ portfolios for example”

Jade Greenhow goes onto say

“The Fenestration industry as a whole is going through a transitional period. UK uncertainty around housing, more than likely in relation to Brexit means the companies with a strong marketing strategy are growing despite the uncertainty. Inevitably that does mean the companies who are not marketing efficiently will struggle”

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