50% productivity boost for field sales

Salestracker mobile CRM, ideal for field salesIt’s not often that a new technology comes along that can dramatically improve sales productivity and customer relationship management. But that’s exactly what Salestracker Mobile does.

Salestracker Mobile: a “better way of driving sales”

Salestracker Mobile has been hailed as the world’s first mobile CRM with live prospect data: a development that has the potential to revolutionise productivity.

Insight Data’s Managing Director, Andrew Scott, explains: “For years, sales teams used spreadsheets and prospect lists to find and engage with new customers. But we all know the speed of doing business has accelerated and every company needs faster, better ways of driving sales.

“Live CRM really changes everything. Now for the first time, sales people have direct access to the latest, most vital information to target more customers and close more sales. It puts in-depth market intelligence at their fingertips so they work smarter, faster and up to 50% more productively.”

Real-time sales tool, perfect for on-the-go

Salestracker Mobile has all the information available on the desktop version, including financial data, and is suitable for sales teams of all sizes. This makes it an incredibly powerful sales tool for field sales people to use when on the road.

This mobile CRM has evolved from the desktop version of the popular construction and fenestration CRM system, and has been designed and built with the needs of field sales people in mind. With Salestracker Mobile, field sales teams can access important information on-the-go, ensuring they’re always kept up to date.

“This technology is engineered from the ground up and packed with new innovations,” says Andrew. “Just imagine arriving early for a meeting. Tap one button and Salestracker Mobile displays a map of all the fabricators and installers close to your current location, with detailed information such as products, profile system and even volumes, along with contact details of the decision makers.”

Fully integrated with desktop version

Salestracker Mobile is all about improving sales productivity, and it integrates fully with the desktop version. Add notes following a sales visit and it’s instantly updated back at the office. Dedicated lead-management means every potential prospect is followed up and sales maximised, while the task manager ensures customer requests and actions are completed. All from your mobile phone.

Salestracker Mobile is the most important sales development in our industry for over a decade,” says Andrew. “It gives sales people the ability to operate at the highest level, while management maintain full control and always have their finger on the pulse.”

With developments like this, it’s no surprise that Insight Data have established and maintained their reputation as the best data and CRM supplier in the construction and fenestration industries.

It’s simple to start using Salestracker. Get a quick, free quote for your business by giving us a call on 01934 808 293 or by sending us an email.