New Salestracker telesales feature improves productivity

New telesales feature for Salestracker

Sales and marketing in the digital age never stands still, so neither can your CRM system.

The software team at Insight Data work continuously on improvements to make sure that Salestracker is as relevant and as up to date as physically possible. For instance, over 100 updates have been made to the system since 2012.

The most recent update we’ve made to Salestracker includes an innovative new telesales feature that can enhance the productivity of your team.

Colour coded records for improved productivity

Working under pressure whilst handling a large volume of information, telesales staff can often lose track of key data relating to a particular client, causing issues further on down the sales pipeline.

Designed to help companies quickly and efficiently carry out customer surveys, Salestracker’s new telesales feature can help to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your telesales team by making it simple to filter campaigns by specific follow-up task, and easier to gain a quick overview of your campaign’s effectiveness.

The simple but powerful feature means people can work through a call list and instantly mark records to call back ‘unavailable’, ‘not interested’, ‘send information’, or any other criteria using a clear, simple colour-coding tool. The tool relates to the specific list only, which means it can easily be used across different campaigns, and from one or two people up to entire call centres.

This new feature can help you to improve the productivity of your call centre and maximise efficiency in the process.

Committed to continued development

The recent update to Salestracker is part of Insight Data’s continued investment in Salestracker.

Designed to enhance the productivity of businesses in the construction and fenestration sector, Salestracker is the industry’s leading CRM system. With sales and marketing data, prospect information and customer relationships all displayed in real time, Salestracker can transform the way that your team work.

Find out more about Salestracker by calling the Insight Data team on 01934 808 293 or by sending us an email.