CRM System Success for Glazerite Windows

Glazerite windows success with Salestracker CRM systemGlazerite Windows, one of the most successful trade fabricators in the industry, have experienced record year-on-year growth since investing in Salestracker as their CRM system.

Record growth thanks to Salestracker

The company, which introduced Salestracker 4 years ago have seen sales rocket from £11m in 2011 to £21.8m in 2014. This has broken all previous records at the company.

In 2011, Glazerite decided to introduce a new CRM system, and at the same time, use a prospect database to target new customers. Chris Thompson, Glazerite’s Sales and Marketing Manager, discovered Insight Data’s Salestracker system, and realised that it combined the two seamlessly.

He puts part of Glazerite’s recent success down to the decision to choose Salestracker as the company’s CRM system. He commented:

“Salestracker is an invaluable tool for Glazerite in two ways; firstly the built-in prospect database helps us really segment and identify potential installer customers, right down to products, preferred profiles, volume and credit rating. It means our marketing is better targeted and more efficient.

“Secondly, we are a multi-site business with an active field-sales team and Salestracker helps us manage all sales, marketing and customer activity across the business. It uses cloud technology so there is no software to install or maintain, our team simply log-in via the internet.”

Salestracker: “A powerful tool”

The Veka fabricator, who are based in Northamptonshire and have facilities across the country, uses Salestracker’s lead management system, task manager, document vault and calendar integration, so that all activity is collated on one system, in real-time.

“Salestracker tells us where we are with sales leads across the company and has automated reminders and follow-ups, along with reporting on conversion rates and time-scales. It also helps us track marketing activity and customer relations.”

“Salestracker is a powerful tool if you use it properly. Our team use it every single day to help us drive sales and customer engagement. It helps us stay focused and makes sure everyone is in the loop no matter where they are in the business.”

Drive your sales by investing in Salestracker today

Insight Data’s Salestracker is the most dedicated, real-time CRM system for the construction and fenestration industry. Find out more about how it can enhance your business today by calling our sales team on 01934 808 293 or by sending us an email.