The Industry Report – What to expect ahead of the launch

It’s unlikely that the UK home improvement market will see a repeat of 2020 and 2021. Once the bottleneck has cleared, installers will need to increase profitability and think innovatively about where they will find business leads.

Insight has explored our industry-leading data and identified the key takeaways for all of us within the fenestration sector.


Key takeaways from Insight Data’s annual industry report 2022

The need for fenestration products remains high, but with ever-increasing costs within the industry combined with the increased cost of living, the balance of supply and demand is likely to change and could cause uncertainty. However, with proper planning, a path to business success is possible.

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The Insight Data Report for the window, door and conservatory industry is the benchmark for our sector. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the fenestration industry with detailed research carried out with over 14,000 fabricators and installers, with an in-depth analysis of markets, products, and trends.

Our industry reports feature ‘Top 100’ of the UK’s largest fabricators and installers by turnover, and the most successful by ‘net worth’.

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Predictions for fenestration supply and demand in 2022

Order books may still be looking full for 2022 from the spill over of the pandemic buying behaviours; however, the challenge is that customers won’t continue splashing the cash as we saw in 2020 and 2021. Predicting the upcoming trials and tribulations sets a path for success.

Across most sectors and markets in the UK, prices are rising. The fenestration industry has already experienced price increases in uPVC, glass, aluminium, and steel whilst honouring pre-agreed contracts. This decreases profit margins, causing companies to break even and, in the worst-case scenario, lose money on a job. Pricing contracts accordingly is vital to business success as the cost of the supply chain will continue to rise.


Changes in the fenestration workforce

There is the discussion about an ageing workforce within fenestration, and the need for young blood within the industry is needed to keep our skills alive. The need for growth and development is now. Recruiting the next generation by offering incentives could be a move in the right direction to compensate for the workers looking to retire in the next 10- 15 years to prevent a labour crisis.


House price increases will positively affect the fenestration industry

As house prices continue to increase, an improve, don’t move attitude will continue to inspire home improvements for homeowners. Reinvesting in existing properties will be a better and more affordable solution for many households. Many employees wish to continue working from home, and in-home offices will continue the need for home improvement products.


Sustainability will be a focus for the fenestration industry in 2022

In 2021, the UK hosted the COP26, which focuses on how we will save the planet for future generations. Changes to Building Regulations and Government schemes are set in place for the carbon emission net-zero target by 2050, which opens an opportunity for the fenestration industry to create energy performing products as consumers begin to understand the critical focus of sustainability.


Insight Data uncovers the science of data at the FIT Show 2022

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Our very own expert team will be on-hand to share specialist knowledge about utilising marketing data and how to grow a successful and profitable business. Our very own, Kirsty Winter, will reveal the research and trends from the latest industry report.

Visitors to the Insight Data science-themed stand will also be able to show free demonstrations of the latest Salestracker software. Kirsty will show how all six of our databases include key contacts from the fenestration industry, local builders, architects, main contractors, housebuilders, and builders’ merchants from across the UK.


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