Why choose Insight Data as your data supplier?

In today’s data driven world, it is essential to have the most up to date, verified data for your marketing communications. Why waste money targeting companies who have moved, ceased trading or changed trading name. This is where Insight Data can help!

20,000 calls per month

Telephone research

Did you know our in house research team make over 20,000 phone calls per month to update our databases for the window and construction industries; that’s more than some data providers make in a year with a similar size database! Our colleagues also undergo extensive window industry training, so they know the market and products.

Live credit profiling

One of the most useful features of our databases is integrated credit profiling. We pull information from a credit reference agency which alerts our researchers to companies who have ceased trading, moved or changed directors.

Key financial data is also available for you to see and credit scores are displayed using a simple traffic light system. This means you can credit check companies before you contact or do business with them, saving you time and effort.

Closed loop returns – emails

Over 3 million emails are sent by us every year using a highly advanced email marketing platform. Any ‘bounce backs’, for example the recipient’s inbox is full or the email address doesn’t exist, are fed back into the system for our researchers to validate and update.

Doing this ensures a typical 98% delivery rate!

Excellent direct mail delivery rate

Closed loop returns – direct mail

We send over 1 million postal mailings each year, we also manage the circulation list of several trade magazines.

Similar to our email bounce back process, all direct mail returns and gone always come directly back to us for our research team to verify and update.

Because of this our average deliverability rate is 99.6% which is the most accurate in the UK!

Client verification

Records on Salestracker have a verify button which enables users or company to refer a record to our research team with a query or update of information. This can be a change of address, key contact, products supplied etc.

For more information or to request your FREE demo, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or via email at hello@insightdata.co.uk