Geolocation – is your sales team losing out?

Salestracker CRM with geolocation technologyOne of the most powerful features of Salestracker is its integrated Google Maps feature that has revolutionised the way field-based sales teams work.

Salestracker Mobile takes geolocation technology to the next level by using the powerful Nearby tool. This uses location-based technology to show your staff where they’re currently located in relation to other customers and prospects, making it easier to plan sales visits.

Fully integrated Google Maps with prospect information

Salestracker is the first CRM system for the construction and fenestration industries to feature fully integrated Google Maps that can show a range of customer, prospect and relationship data. Simply click a map icon to view the company details, then click the company name to view the full record.

The map feature plots all records close by, and users can individually set their own preferences to display contacts per database, leads, relationships, favourites and even distance from current location. This makes it incredibly useful for field sales representatives who need to plan their next sales call on-the-go.

Not only does geolocation technology help to save your staff time when out on the road, it can also help to improve relationships with your current customers and prospects. As well as a red icon targeting prospects, customers are pinpointed with a blue relationship icon, making it easy to drop in and see them on the way.

CRM with geolocation: perfect for field sales

Salestracker Mobile utilises the geolocation technology that is built into today’s mobile devices to help your field-based sales staff get better organised. It does this by identifying the real-world, geographic location of your sales representative’s mobile phone, tablet or internet-connected computer via GPS signal or IP location.

Salestracker Mobile for sales on-the-go

With dedicated map icons for records, sales leads and customer/prospect relationships, your field sales representatives will find Salestracker’s geolocation technology incredibly useful when it comes to booking appointments, organising deliveries and planning journeys. Your team can even view driving directions and even real-time travel conditions, to ensure that they’re always on time and on call.

Make sure your team are always organised when they’re on the road visiting clients and prospects by investing in Salestracker today.

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