Insight Data launches integrated credit profiling

Salestracker-credit-scoreThere’s no point winning new customers who can’t pay you. Sounds obvious, but so many companies pour marketing money down the drain on direct marketing, pay-per-click, telesales and press advertising campaigns that attract customers who are a high credit risk.

In most companies, credit checking comes at the end of the sales cycle. Generate the lead, send your sales people to visit the customer, follow-up with meetings, letters, sample products and then, eventually, the customer says yes – only to be knocked back by the accounts department as they’ve got a list of County Court Judgements against them.

What a waste of time, money, and resources, not to mention the impact to morale among the sales team.

 New Credit Profiling with Salestracker

Insight Data is delighted to announce the launch of Credit Profiling, a service that provides credit information alongside regular data for Salestracker Live subscribers.  Salestracker Live is the new generation of Salestracker, launched July 2013 with a host of new features. For full details read previous posts on our Insight Data News section.

Insight has teamed up with one of Europe’s leading credit reference agencies and developed an integrated credit feed, updating Salestracker records with financial information. The sophisticated technology is a world-first for a CRM software system.

Helen Costeloe-Hughes, commercial director of Insight Data explains; “This is a major advancement for sales and marketing teams. Never before has it been possible to view live prospect data in real-time in a CRM system integrated with financial data pulled directly from a credit reference agency. The technology is truly cutting-edge and immensely powerful.”

Users of Salestracker can view key financial data about prospects including company status, credit rating, credit score, net worth, details of any county court judgements and more.

The service is designed to provide a snapshot of key financial data in a way that sales and marketing people and non-financial managers understand, so that key decisions can be made earlier in the sales process. The service is available initially on limited companies but is being rolled-out across non-limited companies over the coming months.

Whats more, the service is available completely free to Salestracker Live users during 2013. For further details or a demo of Salestracker, call 01934 808293 or email