Is it time to invest in Customer Research?

How well do you know your customers? Do you know where they spend their time online, their average annual income or revenue, and their biggest problems relevant to your solution?

Did you know 46% of 20,000 consumers surveyed across 20 countries distanced themselves from a brand because they were receiving “irrelevant content messages”. That’s a lot of lost customers simply because a company didn’t do its research properly.

The only way to truly understand your customer is through ongoing research. Unfortunately, this is time consuming and not scalable if you are wanting to collect data from lots of people.

So how can Insight Data help?

With one of the most respected market research teams in the building and construction industry, Insight Data are always pleased to assist in any bespoke research projects or any specific requirements you may have that is not covered in one of our regular databases.

Our research team and data analysts work on behalf of clients on a wide range of projects including;

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Reputation analysis – market review of your business and products
  • Specific research into products or markets
  • New product pre-launch research
  • Trend and data analysis

To arrange a bespoke research project for your company, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or via email