Why we work with the DMA

Insight Data are members of the DMA

Last month, the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), an organisation responsible for promoting best practice in data management, visited Insight Data and found that we were compliant with all of their requirements when it comes to data compliance.

Best practice data management in action

Following best practice is integral to raising the reputation of direct marketing. Insight Data are proud to follow the Direct Marketing Association’s Code, which is designed to promote best practice procedures in the data management industry. Here are the ways in which Insight Data follow best practice when it comes to data management and data compliance:

Respecting privacy

Insight Data ensure that customers and prospects are made aware of the benefits of sharing their data. We’re always upfront and clear about why were are collecting data, and we make sure that all of our prospects understand how we plan to use it. We avoid marketing that is intrusive or excessive, such as calls at unsociable hours and we never target customers irresponsibly.

  • We only send unsolicited, one to one marketing emails if they comply with PECR rules and guidance
  • We operate an in-house suppression file that lists customers and prospects that don’t want to be targeted
  • All of our marketing lists are cleaned against relevant preference services
  • We meticulously screen our data to ensure it’s kept constantly up to date
  • All of our marketing activities are conducted during sociable hours
  • We never undertake random number or sequential dialling

Being honest and fair

We are always honest and transparent about any processes or costs involved when accessing our data. Insight Data also stay true to our promises and we never mislead our customers or prospects through withholding information.

  • We never exploit the lack of knowledge, experience or understanding of a customer and we never take advantage of vulnerable individuals
  • We provide caller line identification so that companies and prospects can return a call to us easily
  • We clearly identify our company on any marketing information we send out
  • We never send out products or services without first having received an instruction to supply them
  • We never employ high pressure techniques when dealing with customers or prospects

Being careful with data

Insight Data always treat data with the respect it deserves. We hold this safely and securely, keep it constantly updated and ensure that our customers and prospects know who is collecting their data, why it is being collected and what it will be used for.

  • We follow all data processing legislation, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003
  • We never obtain or use data that hasn’t been processed following this legislation
  • When collection data, we always identify ourselves, our purpose and ensure that any other information is taken account of in order to increase the fairness of the process
  • The data we collect is always relevant and is never excessive
  • We keep our data constantly up to date, and only hold it for as long as is necessary for our purpose

Taking responsibility

Insight are also proud to take responsibility for the entire customer experience, and pledge to fix things if they go wrong.

  • We always act decently, fairly and responsibly and always fulfil any contractual obligations
  • We promote best practice in regards to data management and data compliance when supplying data to our customers
  • We maintain a data monitoring and audit procedure
  • We market in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way and have policies in place to ensure this
  • We always give prompt, courteous and efficient service to our customers and prospects

Promoting best practice data management

To find out more about our best practice data, or for a free demo of the market leading Salestracker CRM system, call Insight Data on 01934 808293 or get in touch here.