The benefits of having a reliable construction database  

While data is known to be an undervalued cog in the construction machine, Insight Data is a corner of the industry that are pushing forward. With a range of databases relevant to customers in the glazing and wider construction industries, we are leaders in providing reliable construction databases, via our innovative live data platform, Salestracker.

Insight Data offers its users a collection of construction database containing over 80,000 senior decision-makers across 50,000 organisations that include:

– Window and door fabricators
– Installers and trade counters
– Local builders working on extensions
– Refurbishments and housing projects
– Construction companies including the UK’s leading main contractors
– House builders, property developers and major property maintenance companies
– Builders’ merchants’, combining large national networks and independent merchants and stockists.
– Architects and designers writing the specification for new building projects.

Accessing Architects Data

Our 17-years of data pooling have helped us understand just how important a reliable prospect database is. And, with the construction industry continuing to thrive amidst the difficulties of the cost-of-living crisis, there is no better time than now to make sure you have access to a reliable and up to date construction prospect database.

But just how beneficial can a reliable construction database be for your business? Our team of experts have identified six fantastic ways it can help:

Streamlined Communication:
A reliable construction prospect database allows you to access up-to-date contact information on products, suppliers, contractors, architects, stockists and other professionals involved in the construction industry. This facilitates efficient communication, as you can quickly access the necessary details of decision maker contacts and reach out to the relevant parties whenever needed.

Time and Cost Savings:
Searching for contact information manually can be time-consuming and inefficient. By having both a centralised and organised prospect database, you can save valuable time and reduce administrative costs associated with pinpointing and managing contacts.

Access to Qualified Professionals:
A well-maintained prospect database enables you to keep track of trusted and reliable professionals within the industry. This includes experienced contractors, suppliers, and service providers with a proven track record. When starting a new project or seeking specialised expertise, you can refer to your database to find suitable professionals without difficulty.

Project Expansion Opportunities:
A robust contacts database can serve as a valuable resource when looking for new business opportunities or expanding your network. By maintaining relationships with various professionals in the industry, you can easily identify potential partners, or clients for future projects that will help diversify your outreach.

Risk Mitigation:
Who really wants to waste their time, money and effort negotiating with potential prospects who aren’t in the position to pay? A reliable prospect database allows you to verify financial credentials. By examining a company’s credit profile you can build an idea of their ‘creditworthiness’ and financial health. In effect, a credit profile will allow you to see whether they have defaulted on loans, or failed to honour financial agreements. This can help you decide whether trading with that prospect will put your business at risk before you sign any contracts. The power is put back in your hands as you’ll be readily equipped to make informed decisions.

Data Security and Backup:
Storing your own prospect information in a well-maintained database offers better data security compared to physical records or scattered digital files. Salestracker offers its users a range of construction database hosted in the Cloud. Thanks to its full SSL encryption security, it exists as a secure, compliant, and efficient space for your prospects.

We don’t believe any company should use static data lists, and so launched Salestracker, our online prospect database, to help provide direct access to our database in real-time and offer users real-time data.

As our researchers continuously update contacts, add new records, and remove companies that have ceased trading, the information remains reliable and promptly available to all users.

Make 2023 your year to build a more successful, profitable, and valuable business you’re your construction database and Insight Data’s help. If you want to gain access to exclusive marketing data and consistent business growth, get in touch today or call us on 01934 808 293.